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After Hours Artwork

Brilliant & Inspiring Abstract Artworks! Painting is my Passion, People are my Reason, & Encouraging Others to Create is my Dream!
Opening at 9:00 AM
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“You attract what you judge, until you no longer judge what you attract.”
-Matt Kahn

Gloomy days remind me how much sunshine I can offer myself and those around me.

It also reminds me how happy art makes me!

“A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you are fast asleep...” -Cinderella

I sometimes like to think of a wish can also be a painting that your heart has your hands create.

One of my greatest findings in pursuing my dream has been courage. I found courage to take the path less traveled and put in the hard work. So I’d suggest to anyone in the pursuit of their truest happiness to not stop. Do not stop expanding, learning, loving, and most of all do not stop sharing. ...

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Happy late night weekend paint sesh. My favorite thing about painting at the end of the day is how quiet it is, so sometimes I like to paint with no music, no podcast, no phone calls… Or sometimes I do all three of these things.
In my regular job I work as a bartender so I am constantly talki...

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Just saying.
Once the relationship we have with ourselves is secure and healthy, then everything, everyone, and every experience becomes just the extras instead of the end-all’s.
The longest relationship you will ever have with anyone is yourself.
So be kind, considerate and emotionally ...

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Set of 5 art canvases painted and sealed!
(5) 4”x12”x1.5”profile
Enjoy the visually sweet and inspiring art pieces in any space! Created with love 💕
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9 months ago
I’ve been long looking for a piece of art. I just happened to be scrolling through IG and saw some wonderful pieces of art offered by Dana. The pieces just spoke to me and I reached out to her and gave her full reign to create a masterpiece for my home. Not only did she come through, she killed it! So happy with the painting and can’t wait until my next one!
- Landon T
8 months ago
First off, let me just say that Dana is awesome. The artwork she produces drew me in at first but that brilliantly vibrant and welcoming personality is what had me decide to stay. I absolutely admire the time and effort she put into the pieces I received and the end result speaks for itself. I haven't seen any other artwork like this before and I'm in love with it. Keep up the great work, Dana! I look forward to working with you again on a larger scale project in the future! (:
- Navar F
8 months ago
I came across Dana’s beautiful artwork while on the search for an art piece that spoke to me and fit well in my space. I was shocked with how talented this lovely lady is! Her art is unique, vibrant, and something special. Dana’s artwork radiates energy and is a perfect choice to fit in any type of home. I was truly lucky to be able to fill my blank walls with such quality masterpieces. I would absolutely recommend Dana’s art for anyone who is looking for a piece or sets to speak and radiate positivity! I’m so happy and blessed that I get to look at the gorgeous art made by the sweet soul Dana in both my living room and bathroom. She will make you a custom piece or help you decide what piece will work perfectly in your space! Thank you so much Dana, I couldn’t be happier.
- Julia W

I Paint to Inspire Others to Paint

    What a Remarkable time we are all in together! Before we talk about putting magic into an art piece, I’d like to thank you very much for gifting me with a little bit of your most precious currency... your time. Thank you. I sincerely hope we can connect and create our own artistic and positive ripples into our communities. 
 I’ll share a bit about me here and let you in on my ‘why.’
    Why do I paint? I paint for many reasons but the most important reason, is the time that I am painting is time spent with myself. Time to reflect, take inventory of actions and responses, and enjoy some quality mind time. 
   I know in my younger life, I didn’t really care to know who I was. I had somehow fallen out of love with who I had become. I was on autopilot. Just doing what the people in my environment were doing. My life had turned into something that seemed not very significant. I didn’t seem significant to myself. 
    When I was 27, after many years of lessons, heartaches, trials and errors, I was gifted with a reset (What is the reset? I’ll share about this a little later). 
    It ultimately came down to a decision. Was I going to continue to be the victim of my own life? Or was I going to literally change EVERYTHING?
 This reset was in many ways, the death of my old self, my old habits, my old thinking, and my old world, to the beginning of my new, inspiring self, my new healthy habits, my new logical thinking and my radiant new world. 
    I began challenging myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I knew that there had to be more. I knew I had beautiful power inside me. I knew I was put here for a reason and I had finally arrived at the place where I wanted to find my true self. Why was I here? What could I offer the people around me? What could I offer the world? 
    I will absolutely come back to my life story, but let’s talk about what I found I can offer. I use my love for color and design as well as paint mediums and textural application to create unique, magical treasures on canvases. I want my creations to speak to you. To possibly light up your mind to think of your own creative abilities.
    I want these to remind us of the Universe. My goal is that these intricate details remind us of how intricate we are. Alina Baraz says it best, " There is a universe inside of you." 
I want these pieces of art to remind us that being here is a gift.
       I love meeting someone and then having the opportunity to put them into a painting. There is nothing like seeing a fellow Being appreciate something magical and beautiful, and made from the heart. ‘Giving is Living.’
   I create sets of all sizes and can work within most artistic timeframes and most budgets! Whether you’re dreaming of a statement piece in your Master suite, or small accent pieces for a hallway, or your focal piece above your mantel, I have got you covered! Just like the paintings I create, art adds the salt we all need in our recipe for life! 
    Thank you for being here, and I look forward to connecting with you. 

Stay Radiant & Kind, 


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